Vastu Shastra

Adopting the principles of Vastu Shastra is vital when considering the purchase or rental of a new home or office space. The ultimate objective of this ancient science is to create a harmonious environment by maximising the positive flow of energy through the space. This is achieved by combining different elements, light & orientation relative to the Sun. Only through such a harmonious environment can one achieve success!

Consequently, before signing that lease or purchase agreement please do get in touch to arrange an onsite consultation with The ARK. You needn’t worry if you have already purchased/rented the property – some enhancements to the layout, elements, flow etc can still be made.

Email/Whatsapp us to arrange an appointment.

Those numbers are also known as your ‘lucky’ numbers and can be used to help make decisions such as choosing a partner, a baby’s name or a property. Each letter of the alphabet represents one of these numbers.

There are fingers, mounts and a plethora of other shapes and marks to consider too. Those features change over the course of an individual’s life, based on the decisions that individual makes. Hence, contrary to belief, not everything is fated. Your destiny is very much in your own hands!

Each one of those ‘Houses’ dictates a different aspect of your life, such as career, health, relationships, family, health etc. Those planetary/constellation/house combinations generate an individual’s Sun, Ascendant, Moon and Transitional charts.

Hello everyone,

My name is Vivek Gandhi – Founder of The ARK, which was established to help provide life guidance and inspiration through Astrology, Palmistry & Numerology.  Anyone can seek solace at The ARK, regardless of faith, background or location. I am based in Singapore, but can conduct consultations online if you cannot meet me in person. I cut through the dogma & jargon to make Astrology accessible to everyone.

It all started almost a century ago when my grandfather Sir Motilal Gandhi (see below) emigrated to the UK to build a remarkably successful Astrology practice, based on the skills he cultivated over several years in India. Those skills were then passed onto my parents (‘Laxmi’ & ‘Subhash’) and eventually myself. My own background before launching The ARK was 6 years in public policy in the UK, followed by 16 years in financial markets in Asia.

If you are seeking some direction in life or need specific advice to do with your wealth, health, relationships, career or business, you’ve come to the right place. 

Ultimately, your destiny is in your hands…